Wexford Mental Health Association was formed in 1978 by a group of volunteers with an interest in helping people suffering from mental health problems and to promote positive mental health in County Wexford.

Mission Statement:

Wexford Mental Health Association promotes positive mental health and wellbeing to all individuals and communities and support existing mental health services in County Wexford.

 Areas for priority attention include:

  • The promotion of positive mental health through the organisation of events, such as social activities, public speaking projects, essay competitions, school based projects, etc.
  • Working in collaboration with relevant organisations to increase awareness of supports available to those who are affected by mental health issues.
  • Increasing partnerships with HSE and other service providers.
  • Providing information on support services available to promote positive mental health in the community via Facebook, Wexford Mental Health Association website and directly by telephone post or email.
  • Pursuing appropriate funding for training and development programmes for the purpose of training volunteers, carers and relevant community groups.
  • Supports vocational initiatives for people with who need more intensive guidance.
  • Advocates on behalf of people with mental health issues.
  • Supports people presently engaged with HSE Wexford Mental Health Services, such as social activities, training and activation etc.
  • Promotes and co-ordinates activities to celebrate World Mental Health day  October which takes place in October each year.
  • Organising fundraising projects such as church gate collections, Christmas carol singing and various fund raising events throughout the year. The Association is a voluntary non-profit making organisation and is highly dependent on fund raising to finance its extensive programmes. The success of these fund raising events is entirely due to the tremendous support received from people throughout the county.
  • Active engagement with research and other mental health research agencies.

Committee Membership

WMHA is a voluntary organisation, registered as a limited company with charity status that includes individuals with a diverse range of skills and experience with mental health.