NOTE: To be eligible to participate in the programmes below, clients need to be referred to the Occupational Therapy department by a member of the multidisciplinary team from their respective Community Health Centre, the Occupational Therapy Department will assess for suitable recovery focused group interventions and make recommendations;

Social Learning Support Group

Social Learning Support Group- this is an evening peer group aimed at individuals who have progressed as part of their recovery journeys to employment/education/volunteer roles. The group provides psychoeducation, support and opportunities for socialisation.

Sports Programme

The Wexford Mental Health Services Sports Programme originated in 2007 and now comprises of weekly physical activity interventions ongoing throughout the year, including circuit training, aerobic and soccer and basketball group, periodic interventions such FAI coaching, Tag Rugby, outdoor adventure days and group holidays and a psychoeducational programme that vary in approach and project partners and co-produced interventions as well as participating in wider community and educational forums. Our key partners include Ollie Gogherty, St Joseph’s Community Sports Hall, Sports Active Wexford, HSE amongst many other community partners.


The music exploration officer is a recent programme, commenced in November 2016 with the employment of Emily Redmond local well known professional musician. The role of the project is to promote recovery be enabling access to, engagement in and exposure to music and music related events for wide range of individuals predominantly within Wexford County based receiving services from the rehabilitation and community sectors of the Wexford/Waterford Mental Health Services.

The Vocational Support Programme

The Vocational Support Programme is a partnership project between Wexford Mental Health Association, Wexford Mental Health Services and EmployAbility Wexford. This programme has been in place since February 2014 and is funded by the Genio Trust (

The Vocational Support Officer (VSO) is an employment specialist working with individuals with mental health difficulties who wish to return to employment but have been unsuccessful in securing and maintaining work through current services. Our VSO’s Marian Barry and Frances Walsh work intensively with a small number of individuals using an Individualised Placement and Support (IPS) based model of supported employment. The VSO works closely, building relationships with employers and community organisations.

The VSO Process